Home Alone
Home Alone Poster.jpg


Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern

Written & Produced by

John Hughes

Directed by

Chris Columbus

Music by

John Williams

Edited by

Raja Gosnell

Release Date

November 16, 1990

Running Time

103 Minutes



Followed by

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Home Alone was the original film in 1990 by John Hughes. It starred Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister. It also starred Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, Catherine O'Hara, and John Candy, and Roberts Blossom. The film was very successful and was followed by 2 sequels and 2 direct-to-video films, with the first sequel being the only movie to have most of the original cast reprise their roles.

It is a Christmas film, and was released to cinemas in the USA on November 16, 1990.[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Today the boy's family was getting ready for vacation to go to Vermon. He was having pizza for dinner. That's enough for a day. Yelled his mother. He wished that he would not see his family forever. I would be alone. The boy whispered. The next day his family was already on the way. They are on the toll road. He watched Caillou gets Grounded in Goanimate. Mom, dad. Said the boy. Then he was alone and he could do whatever he wanted. Everyone was so excited for the Road Trip. Then he was watching tv and the scene made him shout mom then his mom had a

bad feeling. She thinks that they might have forgotten something. Boris did everything but then they turned on the lights. Then the boy was home alone. He heard whispers outside. They stopped at the gas station in Wallace Township. Then he hides under his parent's bed. He knows that he is being silly. While driving; They saw even more snowy mountains. While they were talking. Then the Strangers wear coming tomorrow. Then he was watching tv pbs kids

Caillou while he was asleep. That his uncle didn't let him watch before. While in Farmdale Township they are still driving. I need to stop at a bathroom. Said Emily Andorson. They stopped at Farmdale Mall. They are back on the road but the boy was home alone and it was nighttime again. It was morning in the neighborhood. And they are still on 115 towards Vermont. But then he was setting Boby traps for the stranger. They came late at night and were sent to jail. But Sarah was still on the way home that night. The next day Sarah was home and

everyone else was home. When Sarah saw the boy, he hugged him. Everyone was home. Where is everyone else? Said the boy. Then a crowd came in. We missed you. Said Boris, Sarah, Mort, Kilyer, and the rest of the Andorson Family. They asked what the boy did while they were away. He told them he just hung around the tree.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Kevin.gif Kevin McCallister 8-year-old boy who's mistakenly left behind by his family. He must defend himself against 2 burglars.
Harry.gif Harry Lime Leader Burglar of the Duo, With Marv Murchins. In Fact, He is the Smarter one, and the Quick tempered one, except when he Tells Kevin to throw down his Camera, tries to go to the Treehouse, and down Uncle Rob's Apartment in NYC.
Marv.gif Marv Merchants Harry's partner in crime. Together, they break into homes and steal goods, except the McCallister house. Though he is much taller than Harry, he is actually the weaker, cowardly, sillier villain, and a complete dork.

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