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Home Alone 6: Moving Abroad is a Part of the Legacy of the Franchise

The Film follows 9-year old Steffan McCallister, who, along with all his siblings, were accidentally left behind when trying to move abroad to their New Mansion.


In an International Criminal Dormitory, a Mob Boss and all his 15,000-plus Participants Plot to steal several thousands of Top secret electronic devices, especially missle chips that cost millions of dollars. Later, at a Defense Technologies Factory (DTF), they Meet the Man who Ordered the Plot, for their Plot, along with all the Other People in his Army. The Man turns out to Be Harry Lyme, The Nemesis of Steffan's Cousin Kevin. Later, at the Airport, the mob Mistook Steffan's Half-Siblings' Baggages for the Bags containing all they packed. When they reached their destination, they met a Bus Driver who will drive them to their Series of Criminal Dormitories.

9-year old Steffan and 11-year old Heather McCallister are done selling snacks to Neighbors and Telling them that they will be Moving Abroad to their new mansion and the house will be Occupied by their Maids, Butlers, their Families (of their maids and butlers), their Half-Siblings, their Stepmother and their Stepfather.

They are next seen watching its a wonderful life and eating Noodles with their family. When the 15,000-plus-members of the Mob arrives, The Family Retaliated by Gamboling on their bodies, then Went to the Master Bedrooms to Sleep.

The Next day, The Family Rushed to the Train that will Bring them to the Airport. When Rob McCallister Counted People, they Mistook their Neighbors for The Twins and Triplets, Their Nephew Kevin for Gordon Jr., Brooke and Fuller McCallister for Steffan and Heather.

The Sets of Twins and Triplets woke up First, then Gordon Jr. and Heather, then Steffan. They discover Being accidentally neglected, but cheered themselves up by setting up their Movie Morning. They Watch Angels with the Filthiest Souls Ever, a Sequel to Angels with even Filthier Souls, which a Sequel wasn't Made in At least 27 years, which Depicted Johnny Accusing Millions of Poor people of plotting to Murder entire town Populations to Steal All The Victims' Money. Johnny asks them to prove that they are kidding, then count to five, scaring All of them by shooting, then wishing them a Lucky winter. The Film's Scaring away Scene startles the Kids.

On the Plane, A Sleeping Georgette Wakes up, Worried that they Forgot Something. Rob asks who could they be forgetting. Georgette finally realizes their Children were Left Behind. Fuller Attempted to Comfort Rob by telling him that he Forgot his Baggages.

The Kids ride their toboggans to Meet neighbors, but they Get Scared away by the Mob, who Searches thru the 400-plus houses and apartment blocks. The Neighbors Phone the Police about the Mob. The Police Refuse to Believe them. Gordon Jr. Gets the Neighbors into the basement of his house, to hold a Short Mass for Penance.

At the IBDIW Building, Agent Bo tells Hundreds of Agents about the 15,000-plus Criminals and that they must find those Top Secret Devices.

The Criminals are Seen with Other Crooks Eating Various Cuisines, and Discovered that Someone from the National Capital called the Police. So they Plotted to Depopulate (reduce the Population) the Whole City to 0.

That Evening, Steffan and Heather Goes to the Santa Claus Impersonator, then Asks for Weapons, including Toy Weapons to Defend their House from their Nemesis. They Go to a Chapel, where they met Young Alex, who Went to the City to Visit his Family, who Explains how his Life Collapsed when all his Relatives and Friends Died because of Heather's Nemesis. The Kids rush to their Home to Set an Array of Booby Traps, like Sawing the Ladder to the Attic, Dousing the basement steps in water, installing pieces of wire between two posts to Hinder the Criminals from Leaving the Basement and Installing Pieces of Broken Glass on the Window going to the Main House [on the indoor side] (it is important for at least two ways leading inside the main house to Replace a door with a window).

The Next Morning, The Kids Head for the Airport, to set the second Array of Booby Traps, like Dousing the Runway and Taxiway with Water, Hanging Pipes above the lounge staircase, and Activating Arc Welders on the Stair Handrails.

The Mob's Planes (including the hijacked ones) Land in the Airport, but Skidded on Ice, Causing them to Crash into the Bay. They Next try to go to the lounge to eat breakfast, but when they hold the handrail on the stairs, they get Electrocuted.

Agent Bo and His Colleagues Go to Rob and Georgette's Mansion and talk to them, to discover that their Kids are in Danger.

After they Eat Breakfast, they try to Leave the Lounge, but get hit by pipes. They try their second attempt to go up, but lost their footwear.

Rob and Georgette fly with their Nephew and Niece Brooke and Fuller McCallister in the Other Airport.

The Mob Pursues the Kids through the Airport, but Gets Re-Electrocuted when trying to go to the first Floor.

They try to go to The kids house, but Suffer various injuries.

They Pursue them thru a Big Mall, and Captured the Kids, then discuss putting them through the same injuries the Criminals suffer. But Young Alex Shot the Criminals unconscious. Shortly After, The Criminals are Arrested. Rob and Georgette Apologize to the neighbors for Not letting Heather, Steffan, Gordon Jr., and their Sets of twins and Triplets not believe them, and Hold a Party for their Success.

At the Police Station, The Mugshots of the Criminals are taken, though The Mugshots of Criminals other than the Mob Boss, Alice, Unger, Jernigan, and Beaupre were removed in most showings to avoid boredom.


  • The first film to feature thousands of children from the same family, and at least 1,000 antagonists of the same mob.
  • The First film in the franchise to both take place and filmed Entirely in Asia, also the third film to Be Filmed outside the USA, after Home Alone 4 and Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist.
  • The Second Film to Take Place outside Chicago, and Depict a Family, after Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist, though a Difference or two must be Noted:
    • In Home Alone 5, the Protagonist's family was Moving within the USA, while in Home Alone 6, the Family of the Protagonist moved abroad.
    • In Home Alone 5, the Names of the Places were Known, but in Home Alone 6, all the names of the Places in the Film are Unknown.
  • The First film to be Unmade.