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Home Alone 6 is a 2021 direct-to-dvd sequel to home alone 1990, home alone 2: lost in new york 1992, home alone 3 1997, home alone 4: taking back the house 2002, home alone: the holiday heist 2012, it is the 6th and finale installment in the Home Alone Franchise. It would star Ethan M. King, Chole, Sammy, 2 Sri Lankin Girls and their mom, 3 African people siblings, Mr. Victor and 2 of his children, Chinese Dr. Christopher Tom Otherdontist, Mrs. Kunkel, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Marks, Mrs. Santos, Mrs. Kervick, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Rumack, Mrs. Young, Dr. Simmonds, Dr. Handley Derry, It would be set in Toronto Ontario Canada instead of the united states like the first 5 films that were in Chicago, NYC, Maine, it would be filmed in Ajax pickering whitby oshawa Clarington toronto.
Home alone
Home alone 6 fanfiction
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