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Home Alone 7 (full name: Home Alone 7: The Winter-to-Summer Plot) is the Second Unmade Film of the Legacy Continues Part of the Franchise.

The Film follows 9-year old Kevin McCallister, who, along with his Siblings, Cousins and Their Families (with their Spouses, In-laws, and their Kids) must Foil Marv and Harry, their Families and troops' plot to murder entire populations of several towns and cities.


9-year old Kevin McCallister, with his Siblings, cousins, half-siblings, half-cousins, their In-laws and Kids, must foil their nemeses Marv, Harry, Vera, their Families and Troops' Plot to Murder entire Town/City Populations Despite Opposition from their Maids and Butlers, when they Get accidentally Separated on a Family Trip abroad, and End up in the Wrong Country.


In the Winter and Fall House of Marv and Harry's Families, they Gather with All their Troops about their Plot to Massacre Entire City/Town Populations using all the Weapons they Have. But they Discovered that they have not enough Weapons, and that the Best Weapons are in the Military Mall and Museum Exhibition Complex (Murphy's MMACEC, Rented from Kim McCallister by Jack Murphy). Later, at the Airport, they Run Away from Mr. Marley and His Siblings Prescott and Nathalie, after the Trio Discovered their Plot to Murder entire city populations. At their layover, They Met their Old Troops, who they Must hire again to Help with their Plot.

Meanwhile, 9-year old Kevin McCallister is Done Selling Snacks to Neighbors, and Tells them that His Relatives, Family and Half-Family will be abroad for eight days at the very least, to Celebrate the Wedding of his Uncle Gordon, and Drop His Cousins who were left behind Last year when trying to move abroad in time for the Wedding.

Kevin McCallister Shows everyone his old nemesis and all his comrades. He explains that they once Conducted a Big Number of Massacres with Each massacre Involving Between 10 and 9,999 deaths. He Explains that Each Massacre was Named with the Format: Number of Casualties, the Word Deaths, the word of followed by the Place where the Massacre took place. He Also Explained that they Murdered Entire Town Populations. [just a rumor].

Kevin is Trying to Look for his Camcorder, in the Baggage room. But Frank was alerted, then told him to immediately get the camcorder, run away and stop interrupting his duty.

Later, at a Party in their School, Marv, Harry and Vera Try to Sneak in, but The Audiences Retaliated by shooting the criminals.

Later, back Home, The McCallisters Gambol on the Criminals' Bodies.

The Next Day, Everyone rushes to the Train that will take them to the Airport. Buzz, Megan, Linnie and Jeff shouted "Bring your bags to the Baggage Latch". Later, at the Airport, Everyone is Rushing to the Gates. When the Kids lose Track, they chase an International Student, thinking that he is Peter. While the Others Rush to Gate #2, The Kids Slip on Gate #1. The Kids are Boarded, unaware that they are on the Wrong flight. As the Plane Moves, Kevin Asks a Man if he has been to Russia, and in Response, The Man Replies "I'm of Russian Descent". Kevin Then Listens to some Music.

On the other plane, Peter Reassures Kate that they Have nothing to Worry about, unaware that the kids are on the wrong plane.

The Kids landed in the Airport, and they realize that they are in the wrong country.

In Moscow, When the McCallisters Pass baggage, they pass Kevin's Luggage, saying "Give this to Kevin". But when Frank Saw instead of kevin, a Student's Family Changing Planes in the airport, they Pass Back, saying "the kids aren't here". Then Kate Laughs for a few seconds, But Yells "Kevin!" then Faints.

The Kids are overjoyed about exploring a New Country. They Engage In Sightseering the City of Kiev.

The McCallisters are in the Police Station, reporting their children's Abscence, and Telling that Kate's Nephew and NIece Heather, Steffan and Many Sets of Twins and Triplets were Left By Accident Last year.

The Kids Cross the Street, and Bumps into Marv, Harry, Vera their Families and Troops. Vera and Harry gets a Run-in with a Singer, who Yells at them for Touching his Money Bag.

The kids arrive in the AsiaOne Hotel. Kevin Checks in with his Talkboy and Pretends to be his Grandfather.

The Kids Get an Indoor Swimming Pool and an Array of Animated Entertainment as room service. After Watching an English-Dubbed Episode of TFix, They Plan to Have a Makeshift Party with Other Guests. But A Few Hours Later, Entire Delivery Companies Ask for the Payment. But Kevin, Buzz and Jeff Played Angels with the Filthiest Souls to Evade the Delivery Men.

The McCallisters Reach Rob's Mansion. Leslie and Frank Commented "did not look bad on our vacation abroad".

Kevin looks through his Address book, and Discovers that His Aunt Kim Owns a Number of Malls and Hotels and Decides to Shop in those Malls. Kevin Waves Goodnight to his Mother, as She Does the same.

The Next Morning, The concierge talks to Kevin, and Suggests that they Should Call the police, and that the Buses are Here. The Kids take a Ride on the Buses while enjoying a number of snacks. Meanwhile, The Summer Criminals Begin their Plot to Steal everything from the Military Exhibition and Mall.

The Kids Reached Gordon's Supermalls, where they Meet the Tenant of the Entire Mall Complex Mitch Murphy, who tells Kevin that They Have Displayed Lots of Weapons, a lot of the Same Kind.

Just outside the Mall, The Kids Get Scared by the Summer Bandits, thus Prompting them to run away with a Stop at a Hardware store to Buy Tar. They Retreat to the AsiaOne hotel and the Bellman Calls the Police after Kevin Reported the Summer Bandits are after him.

So the Perpetrators of the Shooting The Previous Night and the Summer Bandits have a Conversation with Gangster Johnny, and Kevin Evades them, and then the Kids Run away, only to Be Recaptured by The Summer Bandits. The Gang Discusses their Plot of Stealing The Weapons Displayed by Mitch Murphy, and Killing entire Town populations starting with the Bigger Populations, and the McCallister Family for Sending them to Prison Last year. Kevin Shakes up the Same Singer that Hit Harry and Vera the Previous Day.

In Rob's Mansion, the McCallisters (sans the Kids) are watching an episode of TFixi, Clearly Having a Terrible time Due to Melting snow. Suddenly, they Receive word that the Kids are Abroad, Prompting everyone to Pack up.

Kevin Discovers that Kim McCallister Owns a Series of Dormitories that are being Renovated. The Kids meet Young Alex, His Brothers Mason, Prescott III, and His Crew (and there are over 30,000). Suddenly, they rush to Kim's Rented Dormitories (she owns a Number of them), Right Beside the Murphy Malls, and Set an Array of Booby Traps.

The Kids Eat Dinner, then Go to the 1st floor, via the Basement:

  1. The Older Ones: Via the Rope
  2. The Middle Ones: via the Ladder
  3. The Younger Ones: Via the Elevator
  4. The Children and In-laws: Via the Hotel Entrance
  5. The Half-Siblings: Via the Fire Exit

The Summer Bandits Spring in and Suffer Various Injuries. They capture the kids and discuss doing exactly what they did to them. But Young Alex and His Troops Kick the Criminals Unconscious. Shortly after, The Criminals are Arrested.

The Kids are Seen in Asia's "Rockfeller Center of Asia" Celebrating their Victory. Suddenly, the McCallisters Found their Children, and Were So Happy that The Kids foiled a Plot to End Several Million Lives.

The Next day, Large Sums of Money and Presents for New year Came to the AsiaOne Hotel as a Reward for The McCallister Kids Foiling the Summer Bandits' Plot to Kill Several Million People and Bring the Global Population to Less than a Million. The Kids Visit young Alex, and Call for the Locals to Pay Money to him for Helping foil the Plot. Frank Received the Receipt for Both Stays, then Times the Amount, and gives it to Peter, who Yells "Our Kids, You Spent Several thousand on Room Service for Both Stays"!

The Final Scene Shows the Criminals having their Mugshots Taken.

Notable Things[]


Marv's Troops: Marv, Harry, They're in every Hotel Room. Get Them!

Buzz: Lucky Winter to All, and to All Good Nights.

Kevin: Hello, Auntie Kim, Uncle Mitch, Anybody home?

Peter: Shoot Them!!!


  • Oftentimes, The Mugshots of Marv's Comrades were removed from showings.
  • It is Rumored that The Summer Bandits Did a Similar Plot Successfully, but it only lasted seven months and they only Killed the entire Population of A few Dozen Towns.
  • The Film is Edited for TV in some ways:
    • Instead of "Our Kids, you Spent Thousands of Dollars on Both Vacations", Peter would Yell "Kevin, you spent over $10,000 on Both Stays in the Hotel"
    • When Kevin Looks for Uncle Mitch, The "t" in Mitch is silent, and sometimes, the "tch" in Mitch is replaced with "sh"
  • The First Film to Feature the McCallisters with Hundreds of Thousands of Family Members.
  • The First Film to Have a language that uses another Alphabet Spoken.

By the Numbers[]

  • 0.75: The Number of years The Summer Bandits will Face in Jail for 100 towns losing all their Residents due to their plot.
  • 75: The Average Number of Children that the McCallisters would Have each year
  • 195: The Average Number of Grandchildren that the McCallisters would Have Each Year.
  • 60: the average number of troops in a Very-Tiny Mob of the Summer Bandits
  • 8: the average number of Uncles/Aunts of Kevin McCallister born Every Year
  • 6-13: The Average Age of the McCallister Grandchildren.
  • 1550: The Number of McCallister Children of All of the Children of Grandma Penelope Born Each year
  • 4000: The Number of Half-Children of the McCallisters.
  • 2.5: the youngest Age ever in terms of years where someone from the McCallisters has gotten Married.


  • When the Train Containing all of Marv and Harry's Troops Gets Stuck, it's because of chewing gum. Chewing Gum Is Sometimes not Strong enough to be the reason why the train is stuck.
  • When the Family tradition of Watching Animated/Cartoon Shows on TV Happens, it is In English. However, This doesn't take place in an English Speaking Country. However, They Oftentimes Watched it on Youtube by Attatching the Computer to the TV.

List of Characters (Major)[]

  • McCallister Family/ Home Alone 6 Onwards (Filipino: Pamilyang McCallister/ Bahay Nag-iisa 6 onwards)
  • Summer Bandits (Filipino: Krimen ng Tag-Araw)
  • Young Alex
  • Alex's Troops (Filipino: Ang Mga Sundalo ni Alex)
  • Mitch Murphy
  • Policemen (Filipino: Sundalong Pulis)
  • Singer
  • Jack Murphy (unseen, mentioned only)
  • Shoppers (Filipino: Bisita ng Tindaan)


  • The Legacy Continues
  • Unmade Films

Unmade TV Show[]

Hopefully, if the Movie Earns a Lot of Fans, A TV Show will Be Made, and More as More People Become Fans. In the First Episode, Marv would Return to Be with Harry, and their Families and Troops as the Villains, with the McCallisters living with the Pruitts, Baxters and Kalbans (Kalban is Referring to Someone from Natalie's Family), plus their Maids and Butlers. Grandma Penelope would Have New Children who Married even as young as the Toddler Age of 3. Hopefully, There would Be More Fans in order to Have more TV Series.

Each Episode would Be Made every 2 days, and 15 episodes made one Season.