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Home Alone 8

Main Characters

Kevin McCallister Harry Lime Marv Murchins

Run time

95 Minutes


First to Continue the Legacy

Native Name

(filipino: Nag-iisa sa Bahay 8)





Home Alone 8 Follows A Tween-aged Kevin, who must defend his Uncle Rob's Old Mansion from his Nemesis Marv.

The Filipino Name is Nag-iisa sa Bahay 8


The McCallister Family Prepares to Spend the Holiday in Uncle Rob's Old Mansion in Peter, Kate, Frank and Leslie's Apartment (they own all the Apartments) for the Visit of A Royal Family.

Kevin is Showing Everyone some Rumors about His Old Nemeses Marv and Harry, their Families and Armies. He spreads rumors about them, their super-duper deadly reputation for being the "World's Deadliest Serial Killers", who were Said to have Killed Millions of people as their way of commiting crimes (if not enough space, Go to the Very top of the house), plus Explaining that his army would Bury their victims' bodies in beaches, and if not enough space, Hide the bodies in Garbage Cans and/or Mass graves w/o labels, to avoid Prosecutions for their Monthly Plot. This Frightens Everyone.

The McCallisters are Eating Dinner and Suddenly, a Power Outage came, and after dinner, everyone started accidentally pushing each other. As a Result, Everyone was put to Bed to Sleep to help them Recover in time for the Next day.

The Next morning, the Family tries to Rush to the Buses that will take them to the Subway. When they Reach the Train, they count their tickets to See if nobody is left behind. In Rob McCallister's Old Mansion, Rob and Georgette Treat them like a Hero after being alone for Months.

Marv and Harry plot with their Crew to Murder the whole Royal Family to Spark out protests, then Kill all those Protesters.

Later, that day (around 2:00pm), Kevin spotted Marv and His Crew arriving via Trucks and Buses. By that time, The Parents (sans Rob, Georgette) left and tried to Pick up the Royals. Kate called to Her Friend Joni but she said that the Royals' Flight was Cancelled, Prompting them to Book more than 6 Suite Rooms. Kevin encourages everyone to Fend off the Criminals (they are international criminals) by Flooding the House.

When Peter and Kate Get back after Picking up Natalie, Gordon's Wife, and The Others, they Discover the House was flooded. Rob, Georgette and the Kids were Refused to be believed as a Result, unaware of them explaining that they were trying to Fend off the Criminals after discovering their Plot. Even Rob's Maids and Butlers cannot be believed. 

That Evening, Kevin Goes to the Hardware to buy CCTVs for the Basement, trigerring the first booby trap. Also, The Summer Bandits [AKA the Tropical Serial Killers, or the One Season Murderers] chose to avoid the Basement as a result of the house flooded earlier.  

For the McCallisters to Make up for failure to Believe Rob, Georgette and the Kids, they Decorate their Chrismas Tree. 

The Next Morning, the McCallisters (sans Rob, Georgette and the Kids, Simply the McCallisters) were going back to the Expensive Motel. 

The Neighbors and the Kids, with Rob and Georgette Call 119 to Report the Presence of the Summer Bandits. But the Police Arrive and denies any Burglars, causing an incident concerning the calls.

Later, the McCallisters Arrive that Evening and Holds a Mass (around 7:00pm) to encourage Everyone who Dialled 119 to repent, Unaware that this can get the police fired.

Later, in their Mansion, Taking Matters into their own hands, The Kids, with the Neighbors, Encourage Rob and Georgerre, with their Maids and Butlers to Set various Booby Traps. 

The Next day, The Second Array of Booby traps was Set. At around 9:00am, The Summer Bandits Planned to ask the Kids to Stop Hurting them by Making a Promise that they would Give them the Property. But instead of Giving the Property, they Threw Thousands of Branches with A Branch or two at each criminal. The Criminals were:

  • The Lymes: Via the Front Doors
  • The Murchins: Via the Maids Room
  • The Crew: Via the Basement

The Criminals Spring in and Suffer Various Injuries. Finally, The Kids and Neighbors, with Rob, Georgette, and Gordon's Maids and Butlers were Captured in the Park, but the Criminals were Incapitated as the Twins and Triplets weren't captured. The Lymes and Murchins were Knocked Unconscious while their Crew were Shot with a Gun similar to Buzz's BB Gun (see Home Alone Wiki). Shortly After, The Criminals were Arrested. The McCallisters and the Local Police Department Apologize to the Kids for failing to Believe them, and Peter thanks The Kids, Rob, Georgette and their Neighbors for Stopping the Operation Kill The Royals. The Royals Show the Kids their Gratitude by Extending their Visit with them. Everyone hangs out that evening and Eats an Array of Fusion cuisine varieties while holding a Party.

The criminals were Last Seen in the Police Station having their Mugshots Taken, though they were Wearing Masks in Many Showings to Avoid offending People.


  • The Number that the Kids dialled to Call the Police would be 911 if Reverse.
  • Like Home Alone 2-5
    • The Criminals Got hit by More than 3 Objects. Kevin threw four bricks at Marv, while all the Criminals were hit by Branches.
    • A Mansion was Featured.
    • A Royal Family Showed their Gratitude to the McCallisters. In Home Alone 4, The Crime was to Kidnap the Prince. In Home Alone 8, the Crime was to Murder the entire Royal Family.
    • The Final Scene Showed the Criminals Mugshots being taken, and Before, everyone holding A Party.
    • The Mansion was Flooded.
    • A Meeting with the Police concerning what was said to be False Happened.
    • A Mansion was within the City where the McCallisters were Going.
    • At a Neighboring Place/ Neighbor's House, the Protagonists were Captured by the Villains.
  • This is the first film in the Franchise to feature a Train ridden by the McCallisters.


  • The Train Ridden by the McCallisters isn't big enough to fit them all.