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The official Home Alone Wikia fanpage. This page is dedicated to all Home Alone fans. It explores the inside and beyond the Home Alone movies, including backstores, aftermaths, future events, character biographies and fan stories that introduce new stories and new characters. If you ever wanted to see beyond what was told to you in the 5 films; this is the place to discover Home Alone's Universe beyond the films.


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Kevin Madison

Beyond Stories

Here you will be able to see the untold stories within the Home Alone universe; before, during, and after the events of all 5 films. This also includes fans' own perspective on either the movies themselves or even their own version of Home Alone with or without Kevin or Alex or Finn.

Before Home Alone During Home Alone After Home Alone Home Alone the Fans Version
  • Peter & Kate
  • The Origin of Harry & Marv
  • Home Alone (By Donald Newton)
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