Home Alone Beyond Wiki

The TV Shows of Home Alone are currently 7 Shows that Each have 60 episodes/season with Each episode made every 3 days. Each Episode Runs 20-30 Minutes, except when the Movies Section is Coming Up.

This is the List of Episodes in the Home Alone TV Shows:


  1. STEAM: Educational (sans some parts of Soc. Stud) Episodes
  2. History/Countries/Adventure: Episodes featuring characters and diverse cultures
  3. Culture Speaking: Episodes about Languages, Letters and Numbers
  4. Inserts: Mini-Episodes, Usually 30 to 150 Seconds.
  5. Miniature: Episodes with Children as Majority (60% and Up) of the Audiences (supposed to be)
  6. Zomorodo: Episodes with Holiday Themes (Seasonal: Majority of the Audiences are Male. For the Real Counterpart, See Spacetoon)
  7. Movies: Episodes that are More than 40 minutes long

Current List[]


  • The Silk Road
    • Insert 1: The history of the Silk Road (70 seconds)
    • Insert 2: Why is Trading Important (85 seconds)
  • The Loudest Roar
    • Insert 1: Krakatoa Volcano (63 seconds)
  • The Very Perfect Cone
    • Insert: Why Many People come to Mayon