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The Home Alone Parodies are a Number of Parodies around the World. [1]


Home Alone (Which Version?) Starring Notes
Multi-Cartoons Version
  • Nolik (Fixies)
  • Upin and Ipin (From the TV Show of the Same Name)
Nolik (the Fixies) Played Kevin [2]
Users Version Unknown Many of the Users and Fans must Appear in the Roles [3]


  • Nolik (Fixies)- Kevin McCallister
  • Simka (Fixies)- Megan McCallister , Kevin's 10-year old sister and the
  • Digit (Fixies)- Buzz McCallister, Kevin's Brother who stopped Picking on Kevin ([4] He Underwent his first communion at the age of 9, Prompting Kevin to Celebrate his Independence from Buzz's Habit of bullying him [5])
  • Masiya (Fixies)- Kate McCallister
  • Papus (Fixies)- Peter McCallister [6]
  • Other Fixies- Other McCallister Family Members
  • Rabbids (Rabbids)- The Privates [[7]]
  • Madagascar (film series)/ Kung Fu Panda/ Spongebob Squarepants Characters- Other Lower-ranked Criminals and Crew of Marv and Harry
  • Characters of Several characters- Other Crew Members of Harry and Marv
  • Upin and Ipin- Harry and Marv
  • Hogwarts Students/ Star Wars/ Trolls Characters- Harry and Marv's Families and friends, with their Families
  • Rusty/ Ruby/ Jin/ Jimbo/ Several More Cartoon characters- The Pruitts and Baxters and their Troops
  • Others- Others


  1. By 2050, there must be over 100 Parodies. Users must work hard as groups/gangs/fraternities to Make Parodies
  2. Nolik (the Fixies) played Kevin while Upin and Ipin (from the TV Show of the Same Name) played Harry and Marv
  3. This Parody's Cast is several Users and Fans
  4. Fans Imply that
  5. Buzz, Stop Bullying Kevin; Buzz Repented bullying Kevin a Lot and started getting along as much as possible
  6. Originally, his father Grandpus was considered for the role of Peter
  7. refer to soldiers, not those organs that must not be seen.