Madison Marley
Madison singing in church in Home Alone


Madison Marley

Birth date

January 12, 1982


Kevin McCallister


Madison, Kevin Jr, and Daniel

First Appearance

Home Alone (Movie)

Last Appearance

The Legacy Continues (Beyond Story)

Though she was unnamed in Home Alone, Donald Newton named her "Madison." Madison was only seen once in the original film. She was only referred to as "Marley's granddaughter." When she appeared in Home Alone, she was pointed out by Marley as his granddaughter singing during the choir concert in the church. Though her character never had a speaking, big, or expanded role; Donald gave her more by introducing her personally in the Beyond Story "Make My Blue Christmas be White", in which Madison and Kevin finally meet at the funeral of the late Old Man Marley. The two fall in love and become a couple. In another Beyond Story called "The Legacy Continues," which takes place many years later, it appears that the two got married and had 3 children.

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