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The McCallister Family is A Family in the Family. It was the Main Family in Most of the Films. 



  1. Penelope McCallister
  2. Vincent McCallister
  3. Felix McCallister

The Trio's Children[]

Penelope and John’s Children[]

  • Peter McCallister
  • Frank McCallister
  • Rob McCallister
  • Gordon McCallister
  • Kim McCallister

Vincent McCallister[]

  • Kevin Sr. McCallister
  • Bo McCallister
  • Vincent Jr. McCallister

Felix McCallister[]

  • Buzz Sr. McCallister
  • Jeffrey McCallister
  • Jace McCallister

New Members[]

Penelope’s Grandchildren[]

Peter McCallister[]

  • Buzz McCallister
  • Megan McCallister
  • Linnie McCallister
  • Jeff McCallister
  • Kevin McCallister

Frank McCallister[]

  • Tracy McCallister
  • Rod McCallister
  • Sondra McCallister
  • Brooke McCallister
  • Fuller McCallister

Rob McCallister[]

  • Heather McCallister
  • Steffan McCallister
  • McCallister Twins

Gordon McCallister[]

  • Margie McCallister
  • Prunella McCallister
  • Charlise McCallister

Kim McCallister[]

  • Dorcas McCallister
  • Sprinkle McCallister
  • Kiki McCallister
  • Nook McCallister
  • Booker McCallister

Vincent’s Grandchildren[]

Kevin Sr. McCallister[]

  • Sarah McCallister
  • Lily McCallister
  • Nickelodeon McCallister

Bo McCallister[]

  • Stella McCallister
  • Punkin McCallister
  • Bob McCallister
  • Páve McCallister

Vincent Jr. McCallister[]

  • Ella McCallister
  • Edith McCallister
  • Harriet McCallister
  • Bunnie McCallister

Felix McCallister[]

Buzz Sr. McCallister[]

  • David McCallister
  • Gracie McCallister
  • Katie McCallister
  • Kaitlin McCallister

Jeffrey McCallister[]

  • Andy McCallister
  • Canberra McCallister
  • Pascal McCallister
  • Celesta McCallister

Jace McCallister[]

  • Katrina McCallister
  • Bruce McCallister
  • Cleo McCallister
  • Peaches McCallister


  • McCallister Children
  • McCallister Grandchildren



John McCallister (1895-1964)

Penelope McCallister (1900-1965)

Peter McCallister (1925-2015)

Annabel “Kate Jr” Banks/ McCallister (1927-2011)

Pre-Home Alone[]

The McCallister Family Began when Penelope and Her Two Brothers were Born to a Lower-Upper Class Family and The Three Children Started having their Sons and Daughters, Soon their Grandchildren. They Owned Several Major Companies and Became very rich, And then Later, in the 2010s, Grandchildren. In All, the McCallister Family Has Hundreds of thousands of Members


The McCallister In-laws, Kids and Grandchildren attend The Asian International Integrted Institution (TAIntII, [tayn-tyi,tayn-chi, tayn-tsee]), and Have Tens of thousands of Friends, who were Subject to Bullying by some Evil Men, who kept drinking alcohol and Taking Illegal Drugs but got away with it.

They Almost Got Beaten up by some Evil men, who were jealous of them for their wealth one day in the christmas break.

Twins and Triplets[]

The First Record of Twins/Triplets in the Family were in 2010. Twins and Triplets were Easy to have since the Rules are: They Share the Same Birthday, Name (any part of the name), or any part of their identity (except their age)

Kate, Leslie, Geogette, Gordon, Bo, Jace and Jeffrey have the Most Sets.

During Home Alone 6 onwards (2020-present)[]

Home Alone 6[]

Rob and Georgette are Moving Abroad and Left all their Children, who are in Danger from 15,000-plus International Criminals. 

Their Old House will Be Occupied by Their Half-Siblings, Half-Cousins, Maids, Butlers and their Families, While they Move to their New Mansion 

Home Alone 7[]

The McCallisters try to Drop Steffan, Heather and Georgette's Share of Twin and Triplet Sets plus Gordon Jr. in Time for Gordon's Wedding. But the Kids are in the Wrong country but are overjoyed after learning that they've never been to the country before. The McCallisters (with Rob and Georgette) must Find Them.

Home Alone 8[]

All of Grandma Penelope's Children, Nephews and Nieces Have new spouses and didn't divorce.




By The Numbers[]


  • 100-The Average Number of Children (not including those on the list on this page) that the Three Siblings Had. each year
  • 4000- The Average Number of Kids in the Family that would be Born every Day
  • 40.0- The GDP Per Capita (in Thousands of Pesos) earned by each Family Member every Week.
  • 20,000- the Average Number of Grandchildren in the Family Every Week (and a Week is 5 Days)
  • 3,000- the Number of Maids/Butlers hired every Month
  • 15,000- The Number of Employees hired every week
  • 8- the Number of Companies/Brands owned by the McCallisters Established every 4 Months


  • 12,000- The average number of Monthly Enrollments of Students in AIntII
  • 12.20.2001- The date (format: Month, Day, Year) the school was Established
  • 80:1- The Lowest Student-Teacher Ratio
  • 500:1- The Lowest Classroom-Grade Level Ratio
  • 40,000- The Lowest Number of Students in a Grade Level
  • K1-The Lowest Grade level in the School (K1 Means Kindergarten 1/ K2 Means Kindergarten 2)
  • 3- The Youngest Age to Attend School.
  • 400- The Number of US Dollars (400*50=20,000) Tuition per Student
  • 60,000- The Number of People in a Dormitory
  • 5000-The Number of Students when the School was Founded
  • 215- The Number of Teachers In the School when the School was Founded
  • 95- The Number of Staff when the School was Established.
  • 15- The Land Area (in hectares) of the School when It was Established

Biography (non-movie)[]

The Family Also Appears in a Number of Games Related to the Movies.

The Family also Appears in a Number of Home Alone TV Shows.



The Family oftentimes Watches It's a Wonderful life, But decided to Sever their fondness of the film, as it Must Happen when the Entire Family is Together without anyone Missing. so they Decided to Replace the tradition with watching Kids Entertainment to Make Sure Nobody can be Left Behind.


Every time a Family Pizza Accident Happens, and The Family Blames Kevin, they Must Make up for it by Banning Every Pizza except Plain Cheese Pizza.


While the Family is Extremely Rich, they Buy Stuff to Use.


  • The Second time These following events happened:
    • The McCallisters are Played by different Actors
    • The Number of Family Members Changed.
  • Their Family Traditions Changed.
  • The Kids Planned to Reunite by Attending the Same School.