Natalie Kalban


Peter McCallister (m./d. 2002)Rob McCallister (N/D, divorced)


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Natalie was the Fiancee of Peter McCallister for 3-4 days, when on the fourth day of her relationship with Peter, broke up with Him, since She refused to Apologize for not Believing Kevin and Let her Maid Molly Get Arrested without failing to Fire her.


Home Alone 4 Edit

Natalie was the fiancee of Divorced Peter McCallister, until she Broke up with him a few days later following the Arrest of Molly Murchins.

Home Alone 6Edit

Natalie Kalban is First seen Pointing a toy gun at the 15,000-plus participants that Harry lyme Hired to Steal over 2,000 TSEDs. Natalie is Next seen Dialing 119 with Steffan McCallister's Neighbors, and Siblings (sans his Parents' Share of the Twins/Triplets.) and along with them (incl. her Children) has to be forced to Repent making what was at first thought to Be a Prank Call. Everyone in the Neighborhood with her Family is Last seen Holding A Party for her Stepchildren's Success in fending off their Nemesis.

Home Alone 7Edit

Natalie is First Seen in the Airport Rushing with her Families and Old in-laws. She is Next seen watching TFix and Receives Word that the Kids are in Ru----. She is last seen in the AsiaOne Hotel RussiaTown Mosc-- District getting  the Good News of Being able to Stay in a Hotel More Luxurious than Rob's Mansion.

Home Alone 8Edit

Natalie is First seen In the Subway, with her Siblings and Children. She is Next seen trying to pick up the royals, calling her friends, being the first to Discover that the Royals' Flight was Cancelled. Natalie is Next Seen with the McCallisters Dismayed about the house Flooded. Natalie is Next seen Holding a Mini-mass for Rob, Georgette, the Kids and the Neighbors to repent for making what was thought to be a Prank Call. Along with local police forces and the McCallisters, that Evening Apologizes to the Kids for Failing to believe them. She is last seen Holding a Fusion Party

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