The Legacy Continues (AKA Home Alone Season 2) Is the Group of Unmade films that are in the Home Alone Franchise Aftermath.

The Legacy Continues


Home Alone Season 2

Current No. of Parts/ Films/ Episodes


Amount of Money that was Made a Target to Earn

US$500 Million

Current FilmsEdit

Home Alone 6Edit

Main Article: Home Alone 6

The Film Focuses on Kevin McCallister's Cousin Steffan, Who, along with all his Siblings, were left alone when trying to Move Abroad, and Must defend their Mansion from over 15,000 international robbers Hired by Harry Lime to Steal Several Hundred TSEDs that Cost Hundreds of Thousands, and Even Millions of Dollars when making the New Home for their Half-Siblings and Stepmother Natalie.

Home Alone 7Edit

This film Focuses back on Kevin McCallister, who are Dropping off His Cousins and Half-Aunt, with His Stepcousins on Rob and Georgette's Side, in Preparation for his Uncle Gordon's Wedding.

Home Alone 8Edit

This Film focuses on the McCallister Kids and Stepkids, whose Family will be hosting the visit of A Royal Family, and their Future Children In-Law. With the Help of Rob, Georgette, their Maids and Butlers, they Must defend the Royal Family from Marv and His Army's plot to Murder the Royal Family and their Servants to Spark Protests and Kill the Protesters.

Future CanonEdit

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Hopefully, if the Original Cast comes Back without those who quitted as of the Current Time, and the Movies will Be the Best and Get millions of People Hooked, a TV Show will be Made, which Follows:

In the First Episode, Marv, Harry, Vera and their Families will Return as the Antagonists of the TV Show with their Troops, who will try to Murder to Get all the Victims' Possesions. That , The McCallisters must Stop them from perpetrating the Crimes.
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